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Greenfoot with Stride Workshop for Teachers - London
13 Oct 2017

Greenfoot with Stride – Programming after blocks (Key Stage 3)

At King’s College London, Strand, on 2 Nov, 17:00-20:00

Limited seats - RSVP

In this workshop, we will discuss how to teach concepts of traditional object-oriented programming with Greenfoot and Stride. We will introduce the tools of the environment itself, discuss the Stride language (which is quick and easy to learn), and present pedagogical considerations: How do you best teach with Greenfoot? How do you create motivation? What are good teaching examples? Teachers will go through hands-on exercises of using Greenfoot and Stride, and work with a number of programming examples that can immediately be used in a classroom.

Target Teachers: Teachers of computing courses, especially key stage 3. Some knowledge of programming (in any language) is assumed.

Stride is a language that is ideal as the next step after block programming (such as Scratch), and leads into full textual programming.

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